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Everyone deserves mental health care that heals

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Everyone deserves mental health care that heals

Immediate aid to peer support organizations and continued support for industry-independent research and programs in this time of COVID-19 lockdowns.

More than ever, we face isolation and social stressors that can lead to a diagnosis of mental illness.

The solution to this growing mental health epidemic cannot possibly be found only in pill bottles – but what will it be?

We invite you to contribute to answering that world-changing question, and helping to raise up the voices of those in distress to create real solutions together.

Funding priorities:

1. Urgent Aid to Providers of Peer Mental Health Services

2. Anti-racism, Inequality and Decolonizing Mental Health Diagnosis and Care

4. Uncovering and Combating Industry Influence in Mental Health

4. Addressing the Social Determinants of Mental Illness and Health

5. Advocacy and Human Rights

With your help, we are leading a revolution in mental health care: Writing a new narrative of hope, freedom, informed choice, and healing care; Funding independent research and journalism to expose faulty practices and make new discoveries; and co-creating healing practices and programs that save lives.

Can we count on you to keep this discovery and innovation going strong?