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Everyone deserves mental health care that heals

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Everyone deserves mental health care that heals

We are celebrating 10 amazing years of fostering excellence in mental health care and raising funds for the next ten

The time has come for systemic change; a transformation in the values, philosophies, treatments and delivery of services which address mental health challenges.

Open Excellence is celebrating 10 years of revolutionary research, life-changing program development and fostering hope by raising money to support the next ten years!

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little. Anything helps. Thank you for your support.

Together we are advancing rights-based mental health care that aims for the healing and well-being of people and their community. It begins by creating a new narrative based on honest reporting, acknowledgment of the limits and failures of current treatment, and an uncompromising respect for the power of every person to make informed choices about their care.

We fund research that exposes low-value practices and pursues discovery into the root causes and effective resolution of mental and emotional distress. We seek out promising innovations in care from around the world and fund their research and development.

With the leadership of people with lived experience, eminent researchers, philanthropists and finance managers, we give donors large and small the opportunity to make an impact by supporting research and program development, family and community education resources, and professional symposia and learning collaboratives that will reset society’s mindset from the unsupported chronic disease model to a scientifically sound one that expects healing and well-being for every person in distress.