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Finding the need and filling it - donors, researchers, innovators to the rescue.

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Finding the need and filling it - donors, researchers, innovators to the rescue.

Keep our life-changing work going. Help us meet our match!

We dedicate this week in gratitude to our hero donors who unleash the hero in the heart of every grant-supported researcher, program innovator, trainer and carer.

We are leading a revolution in mental health care. It begins by creating a new narrative based on honest reporting, humbly acknowledging the limits and failures of current practice and an uncompromising insistence on the agency of every person to make informed choices about their own care. We reinforce the new narrative by funding research that exposes faulty practices and pursues new discovery into the causes and relief of mental and emotional distress. We find promising innovations in care from around the world and fund their research and development.

To do that we are partnering with the like-minded Open Society Foundations which has pledged a another $800,000 matching grant for the coming year to continue the world-changing work that our visionary donors have been pioneering for the last eight years, including international study and development of Open Dialogue, Hearing Voices training & research, and independent professional mental health reporting.

We are well on the way toward the match for 2020, but we need you now!

How important is this work to you? Who in your life needs the work of the Foundation to continue? Your gift or pledge for 2020 is a legacy of hope for a world where people in distress are empowered to make informed, effective choices for their care and are treated with dignity and respect. We can create that world together.

Please check out the different ways you can pitch in: Donate now, become a monthly sustaining partner, pledge to give later, or start your own fundraiser to invite friends and family into this exciting, life-giving work! And thank you!